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My project aims to use environmental storytelling to convey a narrative about the chaotic nature of love. I have created three different environments each representing a different element. 

“Filters” is a walking simulator piece that explores the problematic outcomes of relationships, as it visualises the emotions of what the person is going through using environmental storytelling. It is set in an urban city, expressing the style of the Kowloon Walled City of Hong Kong. It is focused on immersion and embodiment with an emphasis on aesthetics, models, atmosphere and lighting. My intention was to produce and design 3D assets as much as possible to enhance my skills as a 3D artist. I used basic mechanics, focusing on the aesthetics and the atmosphere of the game. The player simply needs to collect three marked objects in the game to advance to the new level.

“Filters” is informed by video games, such as Catherine (Atlus, 2011), You Left Me (Angela He, 2018), Silent Hill: Origins (Konami, 2007) and distinctly atmospheric films such as Guillermo del Toro’s Shape of Water (2017). These inspired the specific emotions in each environment; such as the feeling of nostalgia, hostility and melancholy. 

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Hello, I played this game and I kinda liked it, it was a neat story telling game, very short but sweet, the environments were interesting, good work :)

Thank you very much :)